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Special Combo Offers ! provides the best home cleaning services in Kolkata. We have been providing super class and outstanding house cleaning solutions to huge number of clients all strewn across Kolkata. We love to clean with a mop and provide professional approach towards cleaning. As our cleaners are locally based, therefore, you don’t have to worry about maid’s absenteeism and other annoying factors. We have been doing this for many years with 100 percent client satisfaction. We are a family owned business and would like to operate from any base.
We take pride and care to provide utmost care and thus, provide house cleaning services based on the client’s requirement. Moreover, the chemicals we use are harmless to pets and human beings as they are standard and environmentally proofed. With the long experience, we understand the importance of latest tools and equipment and thus, come to the project site with state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Hiring professional home cleaning services in Kolkata is a good idea for lots of reasons. We help to keep your home look great with the perfect hygiene for you, and your kids and family.

Home Deep Cleaning

Are you struggling with constant cleaning of your housing? This is a common case when a family grows. Growing is never an issue but cleaning the spaces accordingly can be troublesome. Therefore, to handle the situation it’s good to contact a professional company. This is where Ezykr comes into play. We are trustworthy and professional cleaners who are dedicated to all types of cleaning services. We know the need of clean and clear spaces in a house and thus, provide top-niche services to achieve the objectives. The products we use are all top-class and directly purchased from the manufacturers. This means clients don’t have to pay anything extra or even think about safety, especially if there’s pet or kids around the corner.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

There’s nothing more welcoming than a sterile and perfect washroom. However, there are lots of methods and strategies through which your washroom can be kept clean. These considerations often become problematic and thus, it is a good idea to consult with a professional bathroom cleaner. Ezykr is the best company for this purpose as we lead the industry with a professional and expert team who are dedicated to serve clients as per the needs. We prioritize the importance of staying in a clean environment and let our client live in the same. We guarantee each customer with the best washroom cleaning in Kolkata.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

A kitchen in a home is prone to high mess and traffic. Our experts provide comprehensive residential and commercial kitchen cleaning services across the city of Kolkata. Backed by a bouquet of knowledge and experience, our cleaners are available for 24/7 for assisting you and restoring the kitchen area safely. We ensure a healthy, hygienic and habitable living condition. We are also adept in kitchen and restaurant cleaning services so that your business can lead from the front. We design the schedule smartly to prevent clashes of time for the business or individual. Right from the front to backyard, we ensure complete cleaning solution for every need.

Sofa Deep Cleaning

Recently, Ezykr is the best cleaning company in Kolkata as our services are extended to meet client demands at affordable rates. We are dedicated to prove the best tag of our company and this why we are here at your doorstep. Actually, it’s not about only sofa cleaning. We are talking about the entire upholstery cleaning. With consistent efforts from our team members we respect the investment made by our clients. We provide same day sofa and upholstery cleaning with perfect steam cleaning, stain removal and lounge protection. We are expert in cleaning all the dirt from your favorite sofa and upholstery. We understand the importance of these items in your home and the relation with healthy and pristine living condition.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Ezykr is known for its great reputation and we continue to build on it. Our reputation is based on superior performance and integrity. We are known for offering a wide range of cleaning services and carpet cleaning is one of them. Our carpet cleaning services are applicable for both commercial and residential clients. To meet particular desires of customers, we can fine-tune and restructure our servicing approaches. Our cleaning packages are affordable for all types of budgetary demands.

Car Complete Cleaning

Ezykr has the best car cleaning team and we can say undoubtedly that they are currently number one servicing team in the entire Kolkata or even West Bengal. We have been in the market from long time back and thus, know how to do the job. Therefore, don’t come to teach us. We will serve you according to the needs with 100% customer satisfaction. With this smart and dedicated approach we have been among the famous and reputed car cleaning companies. We started our journey from humble detailing for all types of fleet in Kolkata. Choose us if you want to bring perfection in auto detailing and cleaning services.

Car Interior Cleaning

Ezykr gained a reputation in the industry with an outstanding service. We believe that car interior service let the driver reach his/her destination safely and efficiently. Bad odor coming out from the car can lead to accidents. This is why the best choice is to call the experts from our company as we know how to do the job sincerely. We use modern tools and equipment to make the car look scintillating. We will ensure complete cleanliness in your car without making a dent in your pocket.

Car Exterior Cleaning

Car washing can be a daunting task for car owners. But don’t feel annoyed just pick up the phone, sit on a chair or couch and make a call to our help desk. You will experience that everything is automatically falling into its place. You can enjoy and laugh with your friends and family. We are locally owned and operated when it comes to convenience car washing. Ezykr is the best car washing company, no other company can compete with and this is a challenge. We have dedicated car cleaners who are always eager to cater to the needs of clients.

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