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Special Combo Offers ! has been a successful leader in the field of pest control management and prevention. Our expert pest controllers have been providing top niche pest control services for both domestic and commercial environments. We are leading the industry with a team of fully licensed and registered pest controllers. We pride in providing utmost professionalism with accurate assessment based on the pest control needs. We make sure that our approach is safe and take thorough control over unwanted pests. We can also offer follow up services at regular intervals to prevent infestation completely. We travel all across Kolkata and provide the best services with expert pest control management.
Our pest controllers are experts and trained to tackle all types of pests. The repertoire of our services incorporates an array of solutions to chase away those critters effectively and produce durable results. To achieve the best result in terms of pest control and management look no further than Pest Control is what we are known for. Our team is professional, trained and licensed from all aspects when it comes to pest control in Kolkata.

Cockroach & Ant Control

People want to live in a safe place. They want to make their home pretty safe but of course not for pests. Ezykr has an award winning reputation when it comes to expertise and professional service. Our company is an award winning service provider with a strong reputation in the market of Kolkata. If you want to make your home and environment safe then contact us in no time.

Cockroach Control

Ezykr strives to be the best and one of a kind pest controller in Kolkata. We aspire to create sustainable business outcomes and achieve industry-leading practices for protection of health, environment and improving safety. Our employees are adept to industry standard and the communities where we operate. We are here to promote outstanding service with continuous improvement and culture. Culture is not a vulture anymore and therefore, cockroaches are very harmful. Contact Ezykr right now without even wasting a single second to prevent infection of roaches.

Ant Control

We have more than 20 years of pest controlling experience. Ezykr is proudly one of the premier choices in Kolkata when it comes to ant control services. Our pest controllers provide effective, safe and fast practices to keep those ants away and away from your house. Not a single ant will enter in your house as they will fear and cry in pain. We specialize in ant control services.

Termite Control

Ezykr has a vast experience helmed by state-of-the-art technology and hence keeps you protected from termite menace. Our expert pest controllers relentlessly strive to render the best services in Kolkata. Our pest control solutions are affordable to all types of clients when it comes to termite control. Our efficient professionals provide prompt services to eliminate all types of pest infestation. The entire gamut of pest control services includes each section of professional pest controlling system.

Bed Bug Control

Ezykr in Kolkata offers powerful, bed bug treatments that can be customized as per the client’s needs. We can eliminate bed bug infestation from the core, right from the source where they live and breed. We are able to work quickly and effectively with minimal disruption possible. We have the right equipment to determine the bed bugs in your home. Our smart bed bug controlling solutions are safe, non-toxic and affordable. If you are in need for quick reaction team, consider calling us in no time.

Mosquito Control

With Ezykr mosquito control program we will help you to stay protected from mosquito. Your family, home, pets and visitors will stay safe as we can control the infestation of these dangerous insects. Our treatment is designed to let occupants enjoy time outside the yard instead of swatting mosquitoes everywhere. We focus on getting rid of these harmful injectors so that you can enjoy quality time both inside and outside. We stand behind the treatment and support your cause. Our pest controllers are certified and licensed to perform the tasks in your property.

Rodent Control

With strong, certified and adept specialists of Ezykr we conduct thorough property inspection. Prior to screaming and reacting, it is important to contact Ezykr as soon as possible. We know the appropriate approach of rodent control and inspect the entire property as per the droppings and infestation. According to client’s experience living with rodents, our specialists find the best approach of rodent treatment.

Wood Borer Control

Most of the Indian households are filled with wooden furniture. In Kolkata, people love buying intricately carved wooden furniture. This is where problem arises. As the furniture pieces are made of timber and composites of wood, wood boring infestations are commonly seen. Both powderpost beetles and wood-borer larvae can significantly damage a number of furniture pieces and wooden structures. At Ezykr, our mission is to start from the best and thus, we come first when it comes to exterminator services.

Honey Bee Control

Honey Bees are significantly important for environment. However, they can damage homes and sting people around hives. Some of the people even fall prey to allergic reactions. Therefore, a hive built by honey bees at your property’s ceiling or wall can certainly damage your home and thus, put your family at risk. During such situations it is recommended calling the experts from Ezykr. Our services are designed to carefully relocate and prevent honey bee infestation in your property.

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